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Photography submitted must be submitted by individuals currently residing / living in City Heights. (All ages encouraged to apply).

1. Who?

Photographs should be symbolic of the topic "home" in City Heights. 

What is home? What does home look like? Smell like? Sound like? Feel like? Who makes up your day to day? Where do you spend your time? Where are you a local?

2. What?

Please submit a maximum of 5 photographs which you took yourself.


File type: .jpeg


Recommended file size: 300dpi

3. Photographs

Please submit images along with a 100 word maximum artist statement. If you submit in a language other than English, please provide a translation.

4. About You

Submit your photographs as an attachment and artist statement in the body of your email to by March 15th at 11:59 pm.


Include your name and date of submission in the subject line.

5. Submit